Remaining Grateful

 Hello, as we head into the Holiday Season (aka Collge Football Bowl Season)”Remain Grateful”.  Often, once the holidays get close, I am reminded of ALL the “things” that have changed, I don’t have nor like.

 For example, my beloved Huskies are not favored this week against the well oiled team of the Oregon Ducks. However, I Remain Grateful that we are doing better than last year.  I am seeing my dawgs (aka Huskies) play on TV more than last year. The PAC 10 remains a strong conference with academic prowess.

I don’t have any realistic hopes the dawgs will journey to a bowl game. I could be wrong as there are all kinds of bowl games availabe that I probably forgot about or never acknowledged.

 I do relish the likely reality we (the Dawgs) will win the Apple Cup (annual rivalry game  between The University of  WA vs. Washington State University).

 Remember there is always something to remain grateful about during this Holiday (aka Collge Football Bowl Season) Season.

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