Rescue Dogs Are amazing

Recently a client and I were talking about pet ownership. Mrs. L told me of her RESCUE DOG, Tornado Lynn L (Torhie for short). Torhie is part Terrier and part Queensland Heeler.  Torhie, is about one and half years old. She was rescued or adopted from a local shelter, here in CA.

Why, am I blogging about this rescue dog? Because it eats vegetables. I  have never heard of nor seen such a thing until Mrs. L shared her video with me. It is a video of Torhie eating her carrots. Enjoy!!! I am told she also enjoys FRESH GREEN BEANS.  No canned veggies for this wonderful girl.

Oh, if you are considering getting a pet this year during the holidays consider getting a rescue dog, they eat their veggies without crying or an argument.

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