NACA is a good kept secret for home buyers

Recently, I had an opportunity to work with NACA (The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America). I knew about the wonderful programs they have to assist with loan modifications, I had new clue on the great programs for home ownership. The programs rocks. If you are interested in buying a home anywhere in the US check them out. The web address is . I am a preferred agent within this program. I am currently sending about 10 clients a month to this sight as I believe in their program 100%. Oh by the way they pay ALL your closing cost, the program is income based versus just looking solely at your credit report. Face it, most folks now a days have some credit concerns that make purchasing a home via traditional lenders not possible or just down right difficult. Never fear NACA is here. Check it out!!!!  Or you can call/email or text me and I will help.

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