NACA what a great program

Recently I had a chance to attend the NACA Save The Dream event at the Cow Palace this month.

The event was amazing!!! I saw in person homes getting save and buyers getting approved to buy. Please don’t misunderstand, the lines were really long, tons of people, lots of hurry up and wait and paperwork. However, the average person that got a home save or that was approved to purchase a house saved on the spot literally thousands of real $$s in their bank accounts

My advise to anyone who has heard negative things about NACA and would use this as a reason not to pursue this amazing opportunity must have lots of money in the bank!!!

I don’t mind waiting 8 hrs to save over 50k (net) real money in pocket.  Just my thought, check them out on the web at or call me if you have questions (510.684.5129 Belinda). Only wish I was eligible for their purchase program.

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