The power of TWINS

I had the most amazing experience today and it all leads back to the power of  TWINS.

I meet an awesome couple today who have 3 children 2 of the 3 are TWINS. I knew they were cool when I saw them. What made them cool? They are the parents of  TWINS. The mother and I had a very similar back ground, the father reminds me of mine; he’s just cool. In addition the TWINS, based on conversation with the parents, are like my TWIN and I. We are all faternal TWINS.  What is awesome is that we all like similar music for example Joe Bonamassa.

What makes this even more ironic is that one of my dearest and best friends in the whole wide world is also a FATERNAL TWIN. She and I have gotten along since the day we meet as if we have known each other all our lives.

I am excited and proud to be a FATERNAL TWIN, Identical twins always get the publicity however, FATERNAL TWINS ROCK. Oh, and by the way FATERNAL TWINS are Hereditary.


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